★★★ Do I secretly wish I was an evil bas a$$ heroine? ★★★

And that’s a wrap. I started my new manuscript on Monday and I’m already 20,000 words in! Horaah! Now it’s no surprise that this is another eerie, lustful, action-packed read with a kick-a$$ heroine. And as I found myself twirling on my chair staring at the ceiling today, taking one of many writing breaks, I had to wonder to myself… do I secretly wish I was an evil character? Okay, hear me out. I have three reasons to lead to this question…

1.      During my writing breaks, I enjoy pranking and menacing my younger sister. If you follow me on any social media’s you’ll notice I share video’s of jumping out and scaring her or other small-fry pranks. But then I concluded, don’t most sisters do that? That’s a serious question, does anyone else bother their siblings in menacing ways? But I kind of get a kick out if it haha

2.      I like reading complex, broody and misunderstood characters in books. This week I finished reading ‘When Wishes Bleed’ by Casey L Bond, which I loved, and I also had the joy of interviewing her for my YouTube channel. The thing was, in person, she’s like the nicest, ray of sunshine ever and yet she compelled me with such haunting characters in her story. I had to think… how could you craft these eerie creatures from such a beautiful sunshine mind? I then started reading Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J. R. Ward and Holly Mamma! Dark and complex how are ya?! And yet I’m completely pulled in by the ‘Stay away from that guy or he’ll kill you’ character. If you’ve read it, you know who I’m talking about, if not, he goes by the name of Zsadist. So, is it just simple girl curiosity of going for the bad boy? Or is it the dark compulsion of something more?

3.      I think women who can physically handle themselves, as much as stand up to a bunch of men in a board room, utterly inspiring! Women who can find balance with their femineity and power at the same time is just so wonderful to see and I aspire to feed myself with that very same energy every day! Even in the very unfantasy like world where I can’t slay dragons etc.

So, when I think of the rosy cheeked characters in nice dresses, I kind of shrug a shoulder. But when I see a woman with a bad attitude, leather and knives strapped around her- I’m like YES Give me that book and all of a sudden, I want to be her… So does that make me a wanna be bad a$$ heroine or simply a die-hard trope fan? Haha Let me know your thoughts.

What are your favourite types of characters to read? Oh, and what are you reading this week? What would you recommend?

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