Mine for the Night Series

Mine for the Night: A Billionaire, Fake Dating, Hidden Identity, Contemporary Romance

I can have him if I pay.

Delicious. Mysterious. Paid for. That’s the best way to describe male escort, Damon. One night and one condition: Pretend to be the perfect boyfriend while seriously irritating my boss at our magazine’s masquerade campaign. Problem is… I actually like him.

Clover Granture should not have curves and wit like that—the kind that provoke my primal needs. As a client, she’s off-limits. Worse, she works for Candice Fashion Magazine drawing me too close to the spotlight. And yet, when she pulls me into her schemes, I find myself enjoying it. But if she finds out my true identity, it could ruin everything I’ve built.

Us for the Night

Us for the Night: A Second Chance, Brothers Best Friend, Forbidden Office Romance

I couldn’t stand him. And somehow, we’d ended up accidently married.

Infuriating. That’s the best way to describe Alex Fields. I secretly married my brother’s best friend one drunken night in Vegas, but he left me in the lurch. Sure, he’s attractive but he has that thing where he only sleeps with a woman once—and we didn’t even get that far. Six years later, all I want is to try to and forget him… except we’ve just been assigned to work on the same project at Be True magazine.

Rage. So much fury burns behind Sotiny Bryer’s beautiful, intelligent eyes. Marrying her was a mistake, but I can’t help craving her. Working with her is torture—the proximity killing us both. I’m a playboy. She’s a virgin. Yet, we can’t seem to stay away from each other. And if I touch her, I break my promise to her brother.

Stranded for the Night

Stranded for the Night: An Opposites Attract, Small-Town, Grumpy Sunshine Age Gap Romance

I can’t stand her, but my dog f***ng loves her.

I need a break from Manhattan. My carefree, serial dating life has been seriously cramped by my family and past catching up with me. I’ve taken a “temporary” vacation until I realize my money’s been drained from my bank account and I’m stuck in an archaic small-town. One night, snowed in, I’m forced to lodge with the local café-owning, dog loving, ridiculously handsome lumberjack, Eric Dawson. Did I mention how grumpy he is?

Cassidy Carrington’s a brat. A bubbly, sing-song, cheerful, tiring brat. The type I like least. Her positive “everything’s going to be okay” personality is damn annoying. It’s armor that tells me she’s hiding something. I’ve yet to figure out what kind of trouble she’s in and the chaos she might’ve brought to town. She’s not my problem but I can tell she’s scared. And even worse… my dog f**king loves her.