Ooops I accidently made my sister go Tik Tok Viral

So, something interesting happened a few weeks ago. After encouragement from a few author friends I decidedly created a TikTok account @kia_crystal *sigh- I know*. I think I was like everyone else putting my nose up to it until I actually signed up and then BOOM, I was spending way too much time on there. I had no idea the writing and reading community was so huge on there!

I decided to start sharing a few videos of my books and bits and pieces to figure out what my new audience might like. So, I decided to throw a random video up there of my sister, Jasmin and I playing the ‘Floor is Lava’ on our Europe trip in 2020. Now this game my younger siblings and I have been playing for years and it’s more so for personal amusement than anything else as we try to set one another up at the most inappropriate time and challenging environments. What I didn’t expect was 3 hours after uploading it already having 12k views. I rubbed my eyes thinking, that can’t be right. And it continued to escalate from there. I hadn’t even told her yet and went LIVE in my personal Facebook readers group, laughing hysterically that I might’ve accidently made my sister go viral.

Mind you, my sister has recently graduated to become a midwife and is in her first year working at her dream hospital on the Gold Coast and is very prickly about what goes up on social media. (She’s very professional unlike *cough* me) Dread filled me as the video started blooming into tens of thousands of views. I facetimed her when she was working on her laptop in a café, pointed and laughed and hoped she would be okay with it. Turns out she’s absolutely fine with it, telling me deadpan that she’ll make me famous (See what I have to deal with for moral support haha) But now it’s had over 215k views and I still can’t believe it. Such a random thing TikTok.

On top of that I just wanted to share a huge shout out to my sister who is my number one supporter and has my back. And being completely fine with the year that I made the video of her butt getting squashed in a door and setting off alarms in Scotland as we played the Floor is Lava- viral haha

Lots of love,

Kia Carrington-Russell x

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