Us for the Night Signed Paperback




I couldn’t stand him. And somehow, we’d ended up accidently married.

Infuriating. That’s the best way to describe Alex Fields. I secretly married my brother’s best friend one drunken night in Vegas, but he left me in the lurch. Sure, he’s attractive but he has that thing where he only sleeps with a woman once—we didn’t even get that far—so I ran away. Six years later, all I want is to try to and forget him… except we’ve just been assigned to work on the same project at Be True magazine.

Rage. So much fury burns behind Sotiny Bryer’s beautiful, intelligent eyes. Marrying her was a mistake, but I can’t help craving her. Working with her is torture—the proximity killing us both. I’m a playboy. She’s a virgin. Yet, we can’t seem to stay away from each other. And if I touch her, I break my promise to her brother.

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