Possession of my Fate Signed Paperback




The time to fight is now. With loved ones lives on the line, Karla must continue to fight the war that beckons. With limited control of Misfeata and what she might do next, Karla begins to discover the truth about the Elders and their past.

Her group find themselves amongst a bunch of travelling Shielders who are willing to fight alongside Karla against Eden and in search of Sebastian’s grave.

With mixed emotions, Karla finds her love for both Paul and Lucas to conflict her beliefs, and the world of which she should be a part of. The human world or the Shielder world.

Paul continues to protect Karla’s sanity against her internal fight and Misfeata. Lucas is in turmoil as he tries to find ways where he can contact Karla without the Elder, Tyran within trying to kill her.

Both friends and allies, true identities will be revealed. So, who is really fighting by Karla’s side and when will this war end?

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