Stranded for the Night Signed Paperback




I can’t stand her, but my dog f***ng loves her.

I need a break from Manhattan. My carefree, serial-dating life has been seriously cramped by my family and past catching up with me. I’ve taken a “temporary” vacation until I realize my money’s been drained from my bank account and I’m stuck in an archaic small-town. One night, snowed in, I’m forced to lodge with the local café-owning, dog-loving, ridiculously handsome lumberjack, Eric Dawson. Did I mention how grumpy he is?

Cassidy Carrington’s a brat. A bubbly, sing-song, cheerful, tiring brat. The type I like least. Her positive “everything’s going to be okay” personality is damn annoying. It’s armor that tells me she’s hiding something. I’ve yet to figure out what kind of trouble she’s in and the chaos she might’ve brought to town. She’s not my problem but I can tell she’s scared. And even worse… my dog f**king loves her.

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