Token Phantom Signed Paperback




The vampire covens and Token Huntress, Esmore, now have one more enemy. The Human Government has stepped out from the shadows, creating a lethal, mutated species with the ability to turn humans into wolves. Their target for vengeance? Vampires.

Esmore and Chase are coming undone, her dark, impulsive nature threatening to drive a deep wedge between them as he wearily borders on the verge of becoming a saber. What was once their greatest strength is twisting into their greatest weakness. If she doesn’t gain control of the intoxicating power now, it might cost her all that she wishes to protect forever.

As new secrets are revealed and unlikely allies come forth, Esmore must decide who’s worth saving and what this wild gamble will cost.

The monster is coming undone, and following rules has never been her specialty. But if she gives in to its voice…she may never come back.

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Dimensions 15.24 × 1.85 × 22.86 cm