Token Kingdom


It’s officially out in the world. How bittersweet and what an EPIC conclusion to this action-packed series! Receiving feedback and reviews is leaving me very emotional today as I reflect on this writing journey and all those who have supported and read it with me. From the bottom of my heart- Thank you!

“This book is so compelling that you turn the pages as fast as you can read them. There’s heartache (I cried in several places) and joy (I also cried in several places for that) and tons of action. As always, the world building is so attentive to detail and the character development is impeccable. The battle scenes leave nothing to chance and are impeccably detailed. This is a book worthy to complete this series. Kia did such a wonderful job, as usual.” ~ Five-star rating, amazon.

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Token Kingdom Facebook Release Party

Token Kindom Facebook Release Party Author Line Up, including: Kia Carrington-Russell, Margaret McHeyzer, Tessa McFionn, Renee Rose, Annika Martin, Pam Godwin, L.V. Lane, Davis Ashura, Kathleen Kelly, Yolanda Olson, Lexi C. Foss, Hudson Indie Ink Book Club, Jessica Wayne, Sienna Snow, TJ Green, Aarti V Raman, Gemma Arlington, R L Merrill, N.L. Hoffmann.

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COVER REVEAL TOKEN DARKNESS. He’d claimed me before I’d even understood its power or force. “And I will continue to do so.” He curled his hand around my throat in a possessive manner as he tilted my head back slightly. I hissed in anticipation for the kiss I’d been longing for. Not touching Chase or being a part of his euphoria was a starvation I never wanted to know again.

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★★★ Wow 7 Year Anniversary? Happy Book Birthday! ★★★

Today marks my seven-year anniversary, since publishing my first book, ‘Possession of my Soul: The Three Immortal Blades’, as a once upon a time baby author. I can’t believe the amazing adventure and personal success I’ve had in that time! Writing helped me as an angsty fifteen-year-old who had just lost her home and belongings in a house fire, dealing with generic hormones and teen drama…

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★★★ Do I secretly wish I was an evil bas a$$ heroine? ★★★

And that’s a wrap. I started my new manuscript on Monday and I’m already 20,000 words in! Horaah! Now it’s no surprise that this is another eerie, lustful, action-packed read with a kick-a$$ heroine. And as I found myself twirling on my chair staring at the ceiling today, taking one of many writing breaks, I had to wonder to myself… do I secretly wish I was an evil character? Okay, hear me out. I have three reasons to lead to this question…

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ALL NEW COVERS!!! The world and characters you love. All new and revamped. 10k words extra content in each book! Available in KU ~~~ Token Huntress: Being born a hunter, Esmore has been raised with one purpose: to hunt and kill the vampire race that destroyed the world as it was known. At eighteen, Esmore’s […]

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