★★★ The Power of Letting Go ★★★

My little writing buddy, Sia never seems ecstatic for my midday nap intrusions…

There are particular moments and scenes that I write that are very therapeutic, a revelation of a life lesson, and somewhat full circle with an emotional tie. I was once again taught the value of letting go when I wrote a particular scene in my WIP, the sixth and final instalment of the Token Huntress series. For those who have read it, you know that Esmore, the main heroine is a total bad-ass and struggles with emotion. However, there are certain things and a particular character who triggers her because of past wrong doings.

In this sixth book, she finally has the moment of revenge to hurt them, just as they had her. With all the ideals of torture in mind, she is vampire x huntress after all… but instead what she learns is that all this time she was feeding them power by putting them on such a feared pedestal after the moment they’d made her feel so powerless. She realised that instead of torturing and ruining them in every way- that they were pathetic and didn’t have much to live for or stand for other than an unhealthy obsession of ruining her. So instead of defining that moment to hurt them, she simply turned them to ash and watched them scatter in the wind, both physically and metaphorically letting them go. Releasing them from their insanity and the hold they’d had over her for all those years.

I was so moved by this moment as she freed herself from the chains she’d allowed them to have over her for over a decade, only to realise she wasn’t weakened because of them; but her own inability to deal with the wrong doing and pushing past it which enabled the same powerless feeling over and over again.

We’re all strong in our own unique way- I genuinely believe that. And writing this passage, being in her mind and feeling that emotional release was such an empowering moment for myself and it had me thinking, who or what do I let hold power over me?

It’s a little bit deep for a morning newsletter but as always, I share my thoughts rather transparently with you and was curious if anyone else has learnt a similar life lesson in such a pinnacle moment in their life?

On a positive note, I’m aiming to finish this book by this weekend. We’re at over 70,000 words so far so bring on the champaign and celebrations PLEASE! I hope you’re having an amazing week and talk soon! x

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