★★★ What’s your life motto? ★★★

One of my favourite questions to ask in my ‘Speed Dating with an Author’ segment for my YouTube Channel is: What’s your life motto? I always find it interesting hearing the different responses and the guideline people use to drive their life. Often, a lot of them don’t have an answer straight away but when they think on it, there’s an old inspirational post they saw somewhere; words of wisdom from a friend; a song lyric; or ever a scene in a movie- that really stuck with them.

For the most part I’m a pretty spiritually inclined person who loves a good quote and dose of optimism. I believe that what we put in, we receive back in all aspects of our lives. I work my butt off, dream big and am very intense on accomplishing as much as I can all while dancing to my own tune and thriving in the liberating territory as being considered ‘unique’. It’s a blessing. Here are two of my favourite quotes and life mottos I remind myself of often, especially when I’m having a rainy day.

1.      “The man on top of the mountain didn’t fall there.” – Vince Lombardi

2.      “you do not just wake up and become the butterfly – growth is a process.” – Unknown.

I like to think that we’re always growing and transforming, when one pond get’s too small- we jump into the next. I’m someone who always wants to push myself out of my comfort zone and I think these two quotes really resonate with the personal growth and sense of achievement I really live for. So I’m super curious as to what your life motto is? Is there any particular quote or saying that you live by and really resonate with?

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