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“Sasha you seem like an angry person,” I began as point of conversation. I set my blue china cup down and uncrossed my legs. “Maybe I can teach you to loosen up. I’m certain that eventually you will be so daring as to give me a smile.”

She stared at me in disbelief. “Many of my men and women have died protecting your walls… so you can have tea parties. Forgive me that I don’t see light-hearted humor in this meeting.”

“You’re forgiven.” I shrugged my shoulders accepting her insincere apology. “So obviously no boyfriend then?” I asked, crossing my legs. Not that I cared if she did. It would make no difference to me. If looks could kill, I’d be dead. I let a coy smile out. How I delighted in that hatred. I picked up my tea, taking a mouthful of the coppery herbs. I was praying on the beating vein in her neck. I could be consuming the very creature sitting before me instead of entertaining her in this sophisticated stage that I never used. “Tell me Sasha, how do you see me?”

She responded without hesitation. “I think that you’ve gone crazy during the hundreds of years that you’ve lived. You lack in ambition and act as your brothers lap dog. I’m surprised very few have attempted to take your life and genuinely believe that your arrogance will be your undoing.”

I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion. “No, no, I meant my looks. Are you attracted to me?” She looked at me dumbfounded and I charmed her another smile. “Play with me.”

She looked away with a sigh that sounded imprisoned for eternity. I took a loud sip to draw her attention back to me. Tick tock. Tick tock. The mouse will come around the clock. She turned again and straightened her shoulders. Much to my shock she flashed her pearly whites with a smile that I thought I would never see.

“Well,” she purred. “You look to be a man in his late twenties. You have pale, smooth, and beautiful skin. Well built in frame, muscular, six foot six in height. You have nice trimmed black hair with a little bit of shadow instead of a full-grown beard. You have a strong muscular jaw and pointed nose with bold dark eyebrows that so beautifully frame those piercing blue eyes that seem to look into my soul every time our eyes meet. You hold a daring confidence that lets any woman in the room know that you are no good for her.” I prompted her to continue. This was the conversation I had been waiting for in the last twenty-four hours. She provided pause and I took that in with a smile. She was attracted to me. “Such a beautiful man, such an intoxicating vampire. And yet,” the charming smile she held vanished. “I find myself utterly repulsed.”

I slowly put my tea down not letting my gaze drop from hers. “Are you certain repulsive is the word you meant to use?”

“Undeniably.” She said dryly.

“You know I could have you dead for saying such a thing to me.”

“And if you were going to, you would have done so by now,” she added finally taking interest in the selections of tea. “I’m not scared of death, therefor, I’m not scared of you.”

“There are worse things than death,” I added, taking interest in her selection of teas. This entire setting was too much even for me. The herbs were disgusting, and my cup of blood was already going cold.

“The only thing that is worse than death is defying it,” she said looking up at me.


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