Lethal Vows Hitting #44 on Amazon Charts and my new taste for writing Dark Romance

What an incredible month! It’s officially one month since ‘Lethal Vows’ has released and my co-author T.L. Smith and I have been on one heck of a whirlwind. Lethal Vows was received so well. We hit #1 Best seller and #1 New Release on Amazon and got as low as #44 on the Amazon charts which is a huge feat! We had so much fun along the way creating Tiktoks, keeping up with the wild storm of social media posts and we even started a Kickstarter for LIMITED EDITION copies that hit it’s goal within the first three days and is gaining pledges daily still (There is still a month left) Our Kickstarter is the only place you can get this beautiful limited edition so don’t forget to check it out here: LIMITED EDITION COPIES- KICKSTARTER

We also somehow got Colleen Hoover in a little trouble by a disgruntled reader’s boyfriend. Image below. Firstly, he got the wrong author and that was our dedication that brought some controversy not Colleen Hoovers. But secondly, there is a way bigger problem in this situation. I’d addressed this in one of my TikTok Videos because well… RED FLAG!

I’m also super excited to announce that I’ve officially started my Patreon which has been a long term goal of mine so I finally put my big girl pants on and set it up. I really wanted to start this to create an intimate space for my readers where you get behind the scenes, exclusive content and limited editions. I’d absolutely love to see you there: PATREON

This week we announced VIRTUOUS VOWS is now available for Pre-Order. A lot of readers were asking if we’d written another book together and unfortunately for my co-author, it’s really hard for me to not overshare and I might’ve let it slip. So now I can officially scream it to the entire world!

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to all the incredible readers and friends who have supported and celebrated with us this month. This is only the beginning to a fabulous new year! And now that I’ve had a taste… I’m digging Dark Romance. So watch this space to see what’s to come in 2024.

Kia xx

A match made in heaven or… T.L. Smith and Kia Carrington-Russell

Kickstarter Limited Editions

Hitting #44 in Amazon Charts

Accidently getting Colleen Hoover into trouble

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