RARE Book Signing, Melbourne 2023

WOW WOW WOW! Signing at RARE Melbourne 2023 was a dream come true. It’d been on my visualisation board for a while and I was finally invited to sign and it did not disappoint. A day and a half of signings, laughs and snacks! I had the time of my life! Thank you so much […]

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Token Kingdom


It’s officially out in the world. How bittersweet and what an EPIC conclusion to this action-packed series! Receiving feedback and reviews is leaving me very emotional today as I reflect on this writing journey and all those who have supported and read it with me. From the bottom of my heart- Thank you!

“This book is so compelling that you turn the pages as fast as you can read them. There’s heartache (I cried in several places) and joy (I also cried in several places for that) and tons of action. As always, the world building is so attentive to detail and the character development is impeccable. The battle scenes leave nothing to chance and are impeccably detailed. This is a book worthy to complete this series. Kia did such a wonderful job, as usual.” ~ Five-star rating, amazon.

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Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast Australia Author Meet Up!

This Sunday I had such an amazing time meeting with local fellow authors. I created a little group in my area with the goal to connect with fellow authors over coffee. I dare say our second meeting was a success and it most certainly involved all you can eat pizza and pasta which was EVERYTHING! (You know I’m a foodie! Haha) I think I’m still in a food coma even today. Authors in the photo: L. V. Lane, Kia Carrington-Russell, Kathleen Kelly, Haley Jenner (Co-writers), Sofia Aves, Tania Hutley and Ann Grech.

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Token Kingdom Facebook Release Party

Token Kindom Facebook Release Party Author Line Up, including: Kia Carrington-Russell, Margaret McHeyzer, Tessa McFionn, Renee Rose, Annika Martin, Pam Godwin, L.V. Lane, Davis Ashura, Kathleen Kelly, Yolanda Olson, Lexi C. Foss, Hudson Indie Ink Book Club, Jessica Wayne, Sienna Snow, TJ Green, Aarti V Raman, Gemma Arlington, R L Merrill, N.L. Hoffmann.

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