Lethal Vows Series

Lethal Vows

Dear Miss Ricci

You don’t know this yet, but you will be my wife.


Your soon-to-be husband

He thought I was his—that’s what his emails indicated.

He thought that because our families signed on the dotted line many years ago, it was a done deal.

But I ran away from that life for a reason.

Little did I know, he would find me. And he wasn’t going to take no for an answer.

Crue wanted me to be his wife.

And all I wanted was him in my bed.

Virtuous Vows

Virtuous Vows


I was destined to marry another man when I first met Dawson.
He was charming, deadly, and everything my father hated.
And I lived by my father’s rule, which happens when he’s a king of the underworld.
That was until I managed to escape and somehow straight into the arms of the man who sells your desires for a living.
But did I have a price?
Or was he willing to share me for free?


Innocent and breathtakingly beautiful, she was as her name described.
Honey suited her perfectly in all senses of the word—soft, sweet, and a little sticky.
My world and hers should not have mixed.

But something as sweet as honey is meant to be enjoyed.

Cunning Vows

Cunning Vows

Cunning, lethal, and resilient were just a few words men have used to describe Anya Ivanov. While others would use words that are far worse. The head of questionable auctions just so happens to have the eye of a very ruthless businessman, River Bently.

River knew the moment he saw her, she was his. And he was more than patient to give her time to realize he was not going anywhere. Even if he was imposing on her territory, he was there to stay.

The only way to spend time with Anya is if you have the money to pay for her company.

He very much could.

He would pay her every last drop she demanded to be in the same room as the woman they are all afraid of. He does not see a woman who could cut him down to his knees. No, he sees a woman who he would gladly get on his knees for.

Deranged Vows

Deranged Vows - coming soon

*New Stand Alone Dark Romance all connected in the same world as 'Lethal Vows'.*