Token Kingdom Signed Paperback




Until death do us part. The war has become personal. Now it’s family, and blood has been shed, with lives that cannot be returned. Token Huntress, Esmore was crafted for one thing—to protect humanity. That was until she turned her back on the very Guild and people she loved to protect the new species of werewolves and opposing vampire coven members who were once considered family before their betrayal. She might’ve been the victor of the battle against Oppollo and his reign, but it took so much more, leaving her desolate a decade later with the war still to be won.

Everyone has lost something, and with the final hours of redemption and revenge looming, unlikely alliances come together for their own selfish desires. Someone must pay.

With time ticking by and her familiar, Chase’s sanity and life being slowly taken with a sickness that can’t be cured, Esmore must fight the urge to abandon the empire she’s built all in the notion to protect him and face the vampire who’d cursed him.

With twisted emotions of betrayal, hurt, and longing, the two must learn to trust one another again to take down the remaining forces.

Or consequentially, it might already be too late. What’s more important? Legacy or love?

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