The Dating Pool - Scotland Edition

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The Dating Pool – Scotland Edition

I’ve been sitting on this story for two years… THE DATING POOL: SCOTLAND EDITION.

Have you started reading The Dating Pool: Scotland Editon yet? The first 5 episodes are available.


With a tumble of Tinder ‘oh no stories’, men who are far from’ the one’, and awkward nightlife encounters, Ruby and her new-founded ride-or-die friends navigate the unfortunate and embarrassing stories of Edinburgh dating life.

After being dubbed a rigid ice queen by her corporate co-workers, twenty-six-year-old Ruby takes matters into her own hands. Opting for adventure, she jumps into a romantic, cultural safari by quitting, selling up and hoping for the adventure of a lifetime. With only six weeks to prepare and a stubbornness to make it work, Ruby buys a two-year visa and a one-way ticket to Edinburgh, Scotland hoping to respark her passion as a writer through first-hand experience. From living what’s ‘deemed’ the right path and materialistic life, a work phone that won’t stop buzzing and a sleep with one eye open approach to life, Ruby is thrown into a new kind of chaos. One that consists of living in hostels, stumbling into diverse new friend groups, outlandish romantic encounters and juggling new jobs that’s a whole different kind of fast-paced action to her old corporate life. Uptight Ruby begins to understand the wonder of travel and how just a little bit of magic and unforeseeable future might’ve been exactly what she needed.

Welcome to the entertaining world of twenty-somethings navigating their new lives in Edinburgh and maybe, just maybe, they might find Mr Right. And maybe Ruby will discover what truly lies beneath the kilt while snagging herself a Braveheart.

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