Token Vampire Signed Paperback




The world within the Hunter’s Guild has turned into chaos. Esmore, Token Huntress, has been cast out and targeted by her Guild, and is on the run. Now, reunited with her mother and true father, Cesar, Esmore is hiding within Cesar’s coven with the family she didn’t know existed. With her newly found vampirism unearthed, she must learn to control the heightened urges and emotions that consume her—blood, lust, vengeance, protection, and love.

Armed with only a few allies and her familiar, Chase, they must strive to find a place in the new world as the rules that guided them once, now have no meaning. The darkness inside Esmore is bubbling below the surface, threatening to consume her, and Chase must teach her to rein it in, for if she doesn’t, he may lose her entirely or worse, watch her turn on those she loves most.

Esmore is soon to learn what she is and, most disastrously—the danger she’s become.

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