One year since Scotland… Oh how I miss my second home

For those of you who have followed my journey for some time now, you know that I absolutely love travelling. Obviously with Covid, I’ve remained in Australia for the last year. But before that, for the first time in a long time, I’d settled down in Edinburgh, Scotland calling the land of castles, whiskey, and Hairy Coo’s home for just under two years.

Covid has effected all of us in many ways. When the world began shutting borders and Europe so quickly started shutting off to the world and spreading across the UK in the same fashion, I went into panic mode. Like most of us, I hadn’t realized the severity of the situation until it was almost too late to return to my home country. I’m Australian…

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Ooops I accidently made my sister go Tik Tok Viral

So, I decided to throw a random video up there of my sister, Jasmin and I playing the ‘Floor is Lava’ on our Europe trip in 2020. Now this game my younger siblings and I have been playing for years and it’s more so for personal amusement than anything else as we try to set one another up at the most inappropriate time and challenging environments. What I didn’t expect was…

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