★★★ How did you and your best friend meet? ★★★

Victoria Street, Edinburgh. Believed by some to be an inspiration for Diagon Alley in Harry Potter. Oh, and that’s me and my bestie!

She was Canadian. I was Australian. We met living abroad in Scotland. She was a chef. I was an author. We met in a little café by the docks. We were both dreamers focused on our career and artistic goals. It was the birth of the ultimate friendship.

When I reflect on people who have made a massive impact on my life the list is far and few between. I love so many people for so many different reasons, but one woman who truly changed my life and offered me a sense of comradery as a twenty something year old walking down the artist road was my best friend, Kristin. We both moved to Edinburgh, Scotland around the same time and worked in a little café being hired only weeks apart. A few months later we became roommates and dare I say inseparable.

It can be at times rather daunting going down a foreign path that not everyone understands and we ourselves don’t even know how to shape. It took my parents years to understand that writing books for me was a career and not a hobby. And because I cared for their opinion and still clung to a fear-based mindset, I wasn’t yet ready to let go of my other ‘conventional’ jobs. I was too scared of failing and honestly it was because I hadn’t yet met the right people who knew that same fear and were willing to overcome it. To inspire me like a bright beacon that it could be done with the right attitude and gusto.

Kristin is only a few years older than me, our birthday is one day apart, and is not only a fantastic chef but also an amazing artist. She’s studied, worked and travelled the world working for some of the most prestigious restaurants and is also a Youtuber, Chef Studio creating masterpieces for fellow chefs trying to better their skills to simple pasta dishes for families on a budget. She has worked so hard over the years to build her platform and voice as an independent woman, content creator and recently opened production company. She’s been nominated and received many awards, been featured on news channels and collaborates with film and musicians all the time. (OMG This is my best friend and she’s on fire!)

To say the least I’m very proud, but the thing is, we lived together and saw the blood, sweat and tears that goes behind the scenes to create end product. I don’t think I’ve met someone who has ever understood my passion on such a fundamental level even when we’re in completely different fields. She was also the one to encourage me to start my own YouTube channel, pushing me out of my comfort zone. And naturally on top of that, she’s one of the kindest, most level-headed, hilarious people I know.

Unfortunately, because of covid, Kristin and I had to return to our home countries, like most, but our work hasn’t stopped nor the elaborate schemes of reuniting. And so today, I was online chatting with her as we complained about our ‘to-do’ list and were sending supportive messages to one another and all I could think was, ‘How lucky I am to have met you’. And that goes for so many of my creative, author friends who I call my tribe.

I think we so often look for love in a romantic partner, but I think there is nothing more powerful than the love of a best friend and supportive friendship. I’d love to hear how you met your bestie and how they support you. I’m having all the good feelings today and would love to hear more positivity.

Want to check out Kristin’s channel for some food inspiration? I’d highly recommend it. And if I’m being entirely honest, damn I miss her home-made meals!


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