★★★ Hello Divine Inspiration- Where did you come from? ★★★

Ahoy Hoy!

I’m really curious as to where you receive your ‘Aha’ moment or suddenly have divine inspiration for the muse or question that’s been badgering you in the back of your mind for days? Do they randomly strike you in the dead of the night? Does it break your ‘oh so even tone’ in the shower belting out to your favourite song? Does it spark when you’re upside down in downward dog?

I ask this because my inspiration has been coming in many new forms as of late and I’m finding it really interesting. I thought my creative muse and I had created a regime and treaty. That when I knocked on its door it’ll open within the set hours I’ve arranged for our cordial discussion. Well, that’s what I thought we had going anyway until recently!

I usually receive the spark of my stories from dreams. It’ll start off as a little magical scene in my dream and when I wake up, I’ll quickly type it into the notes on my phone sitting at my bedside table. I would then plot away my books on long walks, looking for answers to plot holes, answers to my characters background story and world building.

Lately my creative muse has been bombarding me at all sorts of hours and I’m starting to get whiplash from whipping out my phone to hurriedly type out notes. I’m trying very hard to focus on my current manuscript to conclude the ‘Token Huntress’ series, but dang it all these new books have an idea of their own! But I’m rolling with it and I’m certainly not complaining because I love all these new characters and stories. But it had me wondering as to how everyone else finds their divine inspiration or if there’s a particular routine you have to acquire answers on your really tough question?! Everyone has their own outlet so I’m curious to hear about yours.

Kia Carrington-Russell xx

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