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I recently had to remind myself that experiencing new things was a wonderful way to spark imagination and creative muse. I usually experience so many different and wonderful things when I travel and for the last year, I’ve gotten into a very strict routine which hasn’t offered much time for exploration. So, I decided to go to my local mountains, Mount Tamborine, hike through the rainforest and check out a ‘Glow Worm’ cave.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with glow worms, they’re basically little worms that hang out in dark places and look like stars in a night sky. Utterly beautiful and typically found in Australia and New Zealand. Don’t get me wrong it was beautiful! UNTIL… The woman who led us through started to explain their life cycle, why they actually glowed and a few other things that put a grimace on my face. It kind of took the magic out of it prior to walking into the cave as they flashed on the big screen what they actually looked like, and I realized I’d just paid money to walk into a cave filled with bugs hanging over my head.

To say the least, it wasn’t my ideal situation however when I was walking through in utter aww of their tiny beauty, so many ideas popped into my mind about new upcoming books and answers to personal questions I’d been asking myself that very week. I honestly didn’t think after hearing about their anatomy, I’d appreciate the magical looking bugs and ESPECIALLY receive some kind of inspiration, but it was a gentle reminder to get out and try something new- a wonderful new experience. Thankfully, no bug touched me during the process of this activity. This story might’ve gone very differently if it had!

Since, I finally finished the edits of Book Five in the Token Huntress series after my small rest period after my recent release, Token Phantom and this very week will start on Book six. *High Five!*

I’m curious, what weird but wonderful thing have you tried recently?

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