★★★ Wow 7 Year Anniversary? Happy Book Birthday! ★★★

I’m sitting here in a local café with my younger sister, Jasmin (Yes, the same one I scare half to death with pranks). She just bought me a celebratory piece of raspberry and lemon slice with a double espresso iced latte. SO basically, I’m sitting here grinding my teeth with too much caffeine, sugar and enthusiasm in one day as I write this! (Is there really such a thing?) Today marks my seven-year anniversary, since publishing my first book, ‘Possession of my Soul: The Three Immortal Blades’, as a once upon a time baby author. I can’t believe the amazing adventure and personal success I’ve had in that time!

Writing helped me as an angsty fifteen-year-old who had just lost her home and belongings in a house fire, dealing with generic hormones and teen drama; to finding myself in my early twenties as an independent woman and deciding to self-publish that very same book. Since I’ve written twenty books, travelled, moved internationally, achieved awards, recognition and most importantly made amazing friends and readers along the way.

I’m in my late twenties now with such a burn and desire for what’s to come in future years, building my voice and platform, and dare I say with a little more wisdom and business sense as to how I might get there.

I especially want to thank YOU today for all your support and love. Honestly when I hit the publish button on my first book, I thought I’d be J. K. Rowling or Cassandra Clare within the week. I had no idea how much went into it! And those are still goals, trust me, I’m aiming for above and beyond here. I simply and very quickly learnt a little more elbow grease and years have to go into the making of it. But what I didn’t expect was the emotional and unique connection I would make with complete strangers all across the world, all because of a little world I created with a not so pipe sized dream. So, thank you dearly for being here with me and enjoying the journey and perhaps sometimes… too much sugar and caffeine on a lovely Sunny day in an Aussie café.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have another book to write xx

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