Possession of my Heart Signed Paperback




After the great fight between Tyran and Misfeata, Karla is recovering. Misfeata has manipulated and possessed her body leaving it in carnage — now, she lies dormant. But for how long?

As Karla tries to avoid the war, she inevitably drags Paul into a dangerous adventure in search of her parents and a cure to keep her alive.

For an unknown reason a rare Elemental Breather, Taskatae who calls herself ‘Mother’ has a target on Karla’s and Lucas back which draws the two back together. After Lucas’s betrayal Karla can’t stand to see him resurface in front of her. She must learn to trust him again so both her and Paul can come out of this hunt alive.

Can Karla survive the battle from not only the physical world but from within? As she battles to take claim of her body and soul, she soon comes to realise who may truly possess her heart.

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